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Make me your RESPONSIBLE
representative working for your
best interests.




1. Maintaining Clarence as the most liveable City in Tasmania

2. Maintaining Clarence's status as an Age Friendly City as recognised by the World Health Organisation

3. Providing a multi-level Carpark at Bellerive behind the Quay Building to service Blundstone Arena and a future Kangaroo Bay Ferry Terminal

4. Progressing Clarence to provide increased recreational opportunity whether passive or active.

5. Ensuring Infrastructure is improved and that Asset Management remains at a high standard

6. Improving roads and footpaths throughout Clarence

7. Providing greater access to music and the Arts within Clarence and expanding facilities to allow this.

8. Providing a Civic Centre for the City of Clarence

9. Providing a home for the Clarence City Band

10. Progressing the Greater City Deal to provide better outcomes for Greater Hobart in areas such as Transport, Planning, Health and Education backed by Legislation 'The Greater Hobart Act".

11. Providing more dog friendly areas for the City

12. Encouraging development but not at any cost

13. Tackling and prioritising the Waste issue with innovation and foresight in conjunction with State Government

14. Ensuring that outcomes of the Planning Scheme - such as mediam density housing in inner suburbs is complemented by the provision of quality open spaces.

15. Home to showcase Clarence's History

16. Encouraging Council to work with other levels of Government in improving job availability. 

17. Progressing Clarence to provide greater business opportunities and providing greater support to businesses large or small

18. Valuing all the people who have made Clarence their Home, Place of Work , Place of Business, Place of Education & Place of Sport or Leisure.



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