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Make me your RESPONSIBLE
representative working for your
best interests.

  • To build a strong Clarence identity

  • To continually work towards improved service delivery increased operational efficiency and productivity

  • To continue a strong program of  assets & infrastructure upgrades

  • To represent the needs of the community 

  • To promote community support programmes to assist older people and people with a disability to continue to live independently in the community.  

  • To build-on Council's collaberative work with Police and other key stakeholders to reduce negative impacts and harm on the community.

  • To guide land-use planning 

  • To provide strategic leadership

  • To promote the establishment of a centralised Clarence multi-use sporting precinct for our current and future generations thus recognising the immense importance of Sport to the health (both physical & mental) and the overall wellbeing of our Community

  • To unite Clarence as a vibrant progressive community with a strong identity and a strong sense of community connection.

  • The Quality development of the Kangaroo Bay precinct including a Civic Centre




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