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The construction of the Eastern Ring Road should be put firmly on the agenda for inclusion in the States Infrastructure Programme. The Eastern Ring Road the proposed Link between the South Arm Highway and the East Derwent Highway would see Flagstaff Gully Road extended to the north to meet up with the East Derwent Highway.

The East Derwent Highway and the Bowen Bridge are major Tasmanian road Infrastructure assets that are performing well below their capacity. The East Derwent Highway has the potential for an increased role following the establishment of the Brighton transport hub facility.

Substandard connections to the Bowen Bridge have resulted in numerous accidents occurring as revealed by nearby residents and the Tasman Highway functionality is currently restricted. A connection between the Bowen Bridge and the Tasman Highway through Flagstaff Gully was recognised in 1975 when the Tasman Bridge collapsed.

With the reestablishment of the Tasman Bridge, this link was never completed. With growth in the Cambridge corridor, the Hobart Airport and the Brighton Intermodal Hub the completion of this link is vital to vehicle movement on the Derwent’s Eastern Shore.

A link road between the Tasman Highway and the Bowen Bridge is needed to take the pressure off Begonia Street, Gordons Hill Road, the East Derwent Highway, and the Tasman Bridge/ Brooker Highway.

In 2005 the Clarence Council recognised that the Flagstaff Gully Link road would be necessary within the next decade.

The time has come!

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