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Make me your RESPONSIBLE
representative working for your
best interests.


A Tasmanian society richly diverse of cultures and lifestyles existing together in an environment of harmony and mutual respect, bound together by an overriding and unifying commitment to the economic and moral success of Tasmania.

Tasmania has so many advantages:-

  • our food un-tampered - fresh & real

  • our water - abundant & clean

  • our power - clean/green hydro electricity

  • our restaurants & hospitality - point of excellence

  • our population- uncrowded & entrepreneurial 

  • our access to technology   

  • our environment - fresh air, free from pollution, plentiful flora, fauna & wildlife

  • our business sector - interesting, progressive and innovative


I would like to see a Tasmania that is drug free, safe, has a respectful society where diversity is encouraged. A Tasmania where our roads and communities are maintained even beautified.  Where every attempt is made to pre-empt catastrophes.  Where our parks both natural and residential flourish. Where our beautiful natural attributes are enhanced. Where our education and health systems are an example for the rest of the country to follow.  

Ferries on the Derwent, trains, buses - a superb public transport system, an array of various accommodation establishments from the modest-backpackers to the grand - 6 star, restaurants & cafes with superb food served by the highest standards of customer service, our heritage preserved and exemplified, children happy & disciplined, secure borders free from the influx of drugs and criminals, export and import free from excessive freight costs, competent efficient Governments where infrastructure and maintenance are priorities, social programmes are enabling and reduce impoverishment not leading to dependency and perpetuating a never-ending cycle of depravity, More funds allocated to pro-active preventative programmes for health and education particularly to the at-risk young. Education and Health major priorities. Our aged citizens are respected and supported.

A society with high values, rich culture, reduced levels of child abuse, violence, drug & alcohol abuse; a haven for all 

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