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Make me your RESPONSIBLE
representative working for your
best interests.




1.      Local Councils to assume responsibility for Roadside Maintenance of State Highways in Rumney to eradicate roadside verges, roundabouts and median strips being a disgrace.

2.       More funding for Road Infrastructure – #1 priority - highway widening at the Airport entrance - Getting back to basics

3.       Beautification of  Rumney starting with the Airport roundabout

4.       Retain and expand job opportunities for the residents of Rumney 

5.       Enhance State and Federal Government relations with Local            Government 

6.    Foster sport, arts & culture for the inclusion of all

7.    Promote community support programmes to assist older people and people with a disability to live independently in the community.  

8.    Work with Police and other key stakeholders to reduce negative impacts and harm on the community.

9.    Improve funding to Health and Education

10    Unite Rumney as a vibrant progressive innovative place to live


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