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Make me your RESPONSIBLE
representative working for your
best interests.



A fair transport link using shipping between the mainland of Australia and Tasmania remains an impediment to the growth of population, investment and jobs for Tasmania. Equal links between all States must be provided – Tasmania should not be excluded.

This is an issue for the citizens of Rumney and for all Tasmanians as there are many businesses that could benefit. The freight cost issue would have the most united commercial support of any Tasmanian issue.

The cheaper movement of freight and people across Bass Strait regardless of origin or destination must be sought. Passengers, tourists, southbound consumables, northbound international exports are not covered by existing the Federal equalisation scheme.

This is of major concern for businesses so much so that some businesses consider relocating interstate/ overseas or end up going out of business altogether. There is a never ending cycle of discussions, reporting and inaction. 

If Bass Strait was included as part of the National Highway, equality would be retored and the single greatest impediment to the growth of population, investment and jobs for Tasmania removed. 


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