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Make me your RESPONSIBLE
representative working for your
best interests.

I have received some emails addressed to me personally expressing dissatisfaction and opposition to the proposed development at Kangaroo Bay.   These comments along with others will be considered for the new Development Application when Council formulate their report and when we Aldermen convene as a Planning Authority at a formal meeting of Council

I look forward to this development assisting in the promotion of the historical value of the area and would personally love to see Public Art and History incorporated in the new developments.

Having active members of the community and business minded people involved with Council in working towards achieving the vision for the Kangaroo Bay area can lead to many beneficial outcomes.

Council is going to provide additional public parking in the immediate area as part of an overall parking plan for Bellerive.  The proponents of this development on top of what parking will be provided in the development will contribute an additional $800,000 towards parking and this together with other developer contributed funds will assist somewhat in providing some multi-level parking destined for the Rosny/Bellerive area.    

The purpose of the new DA for consideration is to provide a better outcome for those opponents to this development. 

Generally, the ratepayers of Clarence have been waiting such a long time for something to happen at Kangaroo Bay and are amazed at the opposition to this iconic development proposal. 

Now that there is a real tangible proponent with $50M to invest in our city should make for exciting times. 

There is sufficient area at Kangaroo Bay to encompass active and passive recreation combining magnificently with the Yacht Club with whom Council is consulting openly and regularly.

This significant Commercial development will raise the status and exposure of all surrounding enterprises and will invigorate an area that has been raring to get kick-started!

I personally feel there is an anti-Chinese element coming through, that is a comment not attributable to all, but it is a general impression I have gained, and I hope it is not founded.  Council puts out Expression of Interests and evaluates and accepts an EOI without any prejudice or bias.

The successful Companies culture is outstanding in relation to the way it treats its employees and their families and its attitude and emphasis on education.

For many years a large part of the Kangaroo Bay foreshore area was degraded, had restricted access, and provided poor urban environment and public amenity. This project together with all the other works undertaken of more recent times seeks to activate the potential of Kangaroo Bay to be a world-class waterfront destination, and an inclusive place for both residents and visitors that provides economic, social and community benefits.

I am fortunate to be on Council at such a progressive time and be at the forefront of decision making on behalf of the entire community.


Debra Thurley Alderman Clarence City Council djthurley@bigpond.com 0400 662 382

96 Bligh Street


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