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Make me your RESPONSIBLE
representative working for your
best interests.

Press Statement

Candidate for Rumney – Alderman Clarence City Council – Debra Thurley

I have realised through my work that I relish decision making and being influential in the advancement of road infrastructure and maintenance, the progression of recreational infrastructure both passive & active and the promotion of the importance of sport, art, tourism, culture and heritage within the community.  Education is the key to our future – educating our minds, bodies and our souls - removing ignorance and bigotry.  As your Rumney member at every opportunity I would push for improved local health services and better resourcing for the Royal Hobart Hospital as the major public hospital in our State returning it to the status it deserves.  I would seek improved funding for the local public schools and the adoption of the very best policies and laws that would attract and promote local businesses.

As an Alderman with the Clarence City Council I have been frustrated by the progress of State road infrastructure and traffic improvements and the lack of roadside maintenance and beautification of our suburbs/towns. 

I would relish a role where I could influence the progress of common sense legislation, the content and amendment of bills before the Legislative Council and the removal of excessive outdated legislation.

I recognise the immense potential of Rumney from an economic, cultural and tourist perspective and would be an honoured and impassioned representative if given the opportunity to play an important role for the people of Rumney, progressing your interests within Parliament.

I listen, am empathetic to the views of my constituents.  I relate well with people of all ages and from all demographics.   I am not deterred by minority opposition. I look not only for current beneficial outcomes for the community but the future implications as well. 

I am conciliatory person, who aims to bring people together – not divide them. I believe passionately in the value of networks and developing genuine relationships. 

As a true Independent – I cannot emphasise enough the importance of the Legislative Council remaining a truly Independent House to ensure that the review of legislation is undertaken without any party influences.

Political party aligned candidates can be controlled by party strategy and policy and could become removed from the needs of their constituents instead representative principally of their party views.

In Rumney I would aim to be an MLC who exercises their own conscience in an incisive, honest and courageous way. 

Vote 1 THURLEY – a vote for common sense!


Debra Thurley 0400 662 382


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